Monday, 14 June 2021

How to pay participation fees (forms of payment)

For individual authors:
payment in rubles of the Russian Federation (in Word format, PDF)
payment in Belarusian rubles of the Republic of Belarus (in Word format, PDF)
For organizations:
payment in rubles of the Russian Federation (in Excel format, PDF)
payment in Belarusian rubles of the Republic of Belarus (in Excel format, PDF)

Oplata kartoy Payment using VISA, MASTER-CARD (via PromSvyazBank)

Enter the amount of payment: (in rubles! Without commas and letters!)  

Enter payment purpose (name of the exhibition): 
Enter Last Name, First Name:

Enter the phone number (in the format +7 (925) 4338821):

Enter your email:

The address for payment of the organizational fee: euroartweek*@yahoo.*com (asterisks must be removed!) 

Payment via Western Union
Payment of the organizational deposit is possible through the WesternUnion system both through the branches of this organization and via the Internet (link to pay "Pay online via WesternUnion").
Recipient name in Russian: Kuznetsova Elena Fedorovna
Recipient's name in Latin letters: Kuznetsova Elena
(Please note - last name: Kuznetsova, name: Elena)
Moscow city
Country: Russian Federation

dnb 1Payment of registration fees in the European Union
It is possible to pay the registration fee by transfer to an account in a bank outside Russia, in Euros.
Название банка: Luminor Bank AS
Счет в банке / IBN: LV54RIKO0001050163619
Address: Skanstes Street 12, Riga, LV-1013, Latvia
Personas kods: 110367-11482
Fedors Filkovs
Номер карты VISA: 4921 7549 0066 7049
After payment, you must send a screenshot to the email address of the organizing committee: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.