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Экспертный Совет / Жюри

Дю Мен Су


Родился 10 декабря 1948 года в г. Корсакове Сахалинской области.
С 1989 года – член Союза художников СССР/России.
С 2014 года – Заслуженный художник Российской Федерации.

Творческая биография
1972 – 1976гг. – Учеба в Иркутском училище искусств (отделение художественного
1978г. – Принят в Объединение молодых художников и искусствоведов при Союзе
1985г. –Международная творческая группа в Всесоюзном Доме творчества «Сенеж»;
1986г. –Всесоюзная акварельная группа «Художники - флоту»;
1987г. –Республиканский Дом творчества «Челюскинская»;
1989г. –Творческая поездка в КНДР;
1989г. –Принят в Союз художников СССР /Россия.
1990г. –Всесоюзная акварельная группа «Сахалин-90»;
1998г. –Галерея «The Nevsky Art Gallery», Cohoes, New York;
2001г. – Участие в проекте «Художники Севера - XXI веку», г. Москва;
2014 г.- Заслуженный художник Российской Федерации.
Участие в выставках:
1978г. – 2-я Зональная выставка молодых художников Сибири, г. Омск;
1986г. – Всесоюзная выставка «Художники - флоту», г. Холмск;
1990г. – 7-я Зональная выставка «Советский Дальний Восток», г. Якутск;
Всесоюзная выставка акварели «Сахалин-90» СОХМ, г. Южно-
1997г. – 8-я Региональная выставка «Дальний Восток», г. Хабаровск;
2003г. – 9-я Региональная выставка «Дальний Восток», г. Хабаровск;
2005 – 2006 гг. – Выставка в парусном судне «Надежда», кругосветное
плавание с заходом в порты 19 стран Европы, Африки, Азии,
Северной и Южной Америки;
2007г. – Выставка «Наши острова». посвященная 60-летию Сахалинской
области, СОХМ, г. Южно-Сахалинск;
2008г. – 10-я Региональная выставка «Дальний Восток» г. Хабаровск;
2010г. – Выставка, посвященная 150-летию со дня рождения А.П.
Чехова, СОХМ, г. Южно-Сахалинск;
2010 г. – IV Всероссийская триеннале «Рисунок России – 2010» г. Томск;
2011г. – Выставка «Космос!», СОХМ, г. Южно-Сахалинск;
2013 г. – V Всероссийская триеннале «Рисунок России – 2013» г.Томск.
2015г. – Выставка, посвященная 155-летию со дня рождения А.П.
Чехова, СОХМ, г. Южно-Сахалинск;
2018г. – 11-я Региональная выставка «Дальний Восток» г. Петропавловск-Камчатскский;
Международные выставки
1986г - Выставка «Художники Сахалина», Саппоро, Япония;
1989г. – Выставка. г. Пхеньян, КНДР;
1993г.- Выставка «Художники Сахалина», г. Ямагата. Япония;
1998г. –Выставка в галерее «The Nevsky Art Gallery», Cohoes, New York;
2001г. –Выставка г. Саппоро, Япония;
2006г. Выставка, культурный центр Маунтколлинз, Эббифия, графство
Лимерик, Ирландия;

Farahnaz Tafreshi

Farahnaz Tafreshi

The Capture of Movement
There is a connection between the physical and the mental and our bodies often express feelings which remain unspoken. In the same way that bodies have a language, so do paintings. I have developed a language of movement, action and emotion. Abstract Expressionist and Action painting techniques, are strong influences in my work. My paintings are built up from layers of observed movement – they come from life, my imagination and my memories. Simple, primitive colours are spontaneously improvised and dribbled, splashed or smeared onto the canvas, rather than being carefully applied. I see the canvas as a space for my gestures to communicate emotion, authentic and free, and for the viewer to participate in the formation of meaning.
Losing control and brush handling are my techniques in order to make a faithful record of movement and action on the canvas. In my work, I use multiple brush strokes: applying paint in observed moments and a series of rapid gestures over large areas making thick, swooping lines with unmistakable brush marks. I need to have freedom for brush-handling and space to express feelings so the size of my work has always been substantial scale. In the process of painting, I dribble and splash paint for a spontaneous effect. To create big marks, I also make large gestures across the canvas with different palettes knife. I have sometimes destroyed my paintings to invite new ideas and ways of thinking to come to me. My interest is more than aesthetics; my paintings attempt to express emotions that I hope can be felt by the viewer.
Artist Exhibitions


2011 � Graduate Exhibition, OCAD University, Toronto
2011 � Award Exhibition, OCAD University, Toronto
2008 - ASOCIACI�N CULTURAL Valent�n Ruiz Aznar, Granada, Spain
2008 � Arta Gallery, Toronto
2005, 2003, 2001 � Sabz Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2000, 1999, 1998, 1997 � Barg Gallery, Tehran, Iran
1999 � Tajirish Children�s Hospital, Tajirish, Iran
1998, 1997, 1996 � Mirror of Art Festival, Bahman Cultural House, Tehran, Iran
1996 �First Exhibition of the War Victims, Tehran Art Museum
1994 �Youth Group Painting Exhibition, Tehran International Exhibition Center
1994 �First Experimental Painting and Graphic Exhibition, Tehran International Exhibition Center


1995 � Designed and illustrated four primary school textbooks under contract to Ministry of Education, Iran
� My First Writing
� Pre-School Arabic
� Pre-School Mathematics Vol I, Vol II


1993-Present Art Association of Iran

2005-Present Society of Canadian Artists

Meeta Dani

About the Artist


Meeta Dani is an internationally renowned award winning Indian watercolor artist who is now based in Vancouver Canada. She has done post graduation in computer science and has worked as a senior engineer for over a decade with reputed software companies. She is a completely self-taught artist and specialize painting in hyper-realistic style using the most powerful and versatile medium of watercolors.

Meeta's highly detailed paintings have gained international recognition in a very short span of time. She likes to paint portraits, birds, wildlife, still-life and basically anything which seems challenging to her. Light is an integral part of most of her paintings. She loves using bold colors and creating paintings that are strong and crisp.

Meeta has been selected as one of the grandmasters of fine art around the world in 2017 by the 'The Grand Masters Of Fine Art'. She is also the author of the book 'Realistic Watercolor Unleashed'. This is the only book in market for teaching a variety of subjects like blurred backgrounds, fur, feathers, wood, water, skin, and perspective painting on architecture in a photorealistic style using watercolors. Meeta is the founder and president of not-for-profit organization 'Global Association of Watercolor Artists' (GAWA). She founded this organization with a sole purpose to provide an unbiased international platform for supporting watercolor artists of all levels across 50 countries around the world, to help them grow and advance in their artistic career. She is also an active member in the Federation of Canadian Artists (FCA), International Watercolor Society (IWS) and American Watercolor Society (AWS).

And here is what she says...

I am inspired by the colors, textures, shadows and reflections of nature and my paintings reflect my obsession with light and color. I love to face the challenges in painting complex subjects and find watercolor the most versatile and dynamic medium. I usually spend several weeks on a painting to ensure that all the details of my subject are captured. I start with thin washes of transparent hues and slowly build to over 20 subsequent layers of paint to achieve a 3 dimensional look in my paintings. Portraits and wildlife are my most favorite subjects. Although I love to paint in realistic style, but I like it when people say that my work is looking like a painting and not like a photograph.

I love listening to Indian music while I paint. Painting is not just my passion but also an outlet for me to express myself. Passing on my knowledge of painting to others gives me utmost satisfaction and I welcome anyone with their queries about painting in watercolor. My book, 'Realistic Watercolor Unleashed', has been written for artists of all levels in a very simple and understandable manner and is a valuable guide to learn to paint in photorealism using watercolors.

Achievements and Awards 

  • Founded not-for-profit international organization 'Global Association of Watercolor Artists' (GAWA) - Jan 2018.
  • First award for 'Works on Paper' juried exhibition and competition by Federation of Canadian Artists (FCA), Vancouver, Canada - Jan 2018.
  • 'Best figurative & portraiture' award for Annual International Representational Show (AIRS) juried contest by Federation of Canadian Artists (FCA) in Oct 2017. 
  • 'Realistic Watercolor Unleashed: A complete guide for complex realistic paintings' - book written by Meeta Dani, published in August 2017. 
  • Juror for Aburawash Art Prize International Watercolor Contest in 2017
  • Gold medal in 2nd Rang Sang All India Art Contest in 2017.
  • 3rd Award in 27 Art Point National Art Competition in 2017.
  • 'Honorable mention' award for 2017 Works on paper juried exhibition by Federation of Canadian Artists (FCA) in Jan 2017. 
  • Participated in Artist's Choice juried contest by Federation of Canadian Artists (FCA) in Jan 2017.
  • Participated in Seventh Annual International Representational Show (AIRS), a juried contest by Federation Of Canadian Artists (FCA) in Oct 2016.
  • Participated in Painting On The Edge (POTE) 14th Annual International Exhibition and Competition, a juried contest by Federation of Canadian Artists (FCA) in Aug 2016.
  • Participated in Singapore Annual Contemporary International Art Exhibition in Dec 2013 and Dec 2014.
  • Participated in several group exhibitions in India and South Korea between 2010 and 2015.

Lin Ching Che

# Member of the Taiwan International Watercolor Society.
# Member of the Chinese Asia-Pacific Watercolor Association.
# Juror of the Plein Air Competition of Taiwan world watercolor competition exhibition (TWWCE) - 2016
# Juror of the International Art Competition (IWS International Watercolor Society) - 2012
# Gold Prize, The 5th Asia Hwa Yang Award Watercolor Competition - 2012
# Gold Prize, National Art Exhibition, Taiwan, Watercolor Painting Category - 2011
# First Prize, The 16th Da Dun Fine Arts Exhibition, Watercolor Painting Category - 2011
# Da Dun Award and Collection, The 16th Da Dun Fine Arts Exhibition - 2011
# First Prize, The 9th Qun Sheng Cup National Youth Watercolor Sketching Competition - 2003