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Farahnaz Tafreshi

Farahnaz Tafreshi

The Capture of Movement
There is a connection between the physical and the mental and our bodies often express feelings which remain unspoken. In the same way that bodies have a language, so do paintings. I have developed a language of movement, action and emotion. Abstract Expressionist and Action painting techniques, are strong influences in my work. My paintings are built up from layers of observed movement – they come from life, my imagination and my memories. Simple, primitive colours are spontaneously improvised and dribbled, splashed or smeared onto the canvas, rather than being carefully applied. I see the canvas as a space for my gestures to communicate emotion, authentic and free, and for the viewer to participate in the formation of meaning.
Losing control and brush handling are my techniques in order to make a faithful record of movement and action on the canvas. In my work, I use multiple brush strokes: applying paint in observed moments and a series of rapid gestures over large areas making thick, swooping lines with unmistakable brush marks. I need to have freedom for brush-handling and space to express feelings so the size of my work has always been substantial scale. In the process of painting, I dribble and splash paint for a spontaneous effect. To create big marks, I also make large gestures across the canvas with different palettes knife. I have sometimes destroyed my paintings to invite new ideas and ways of thinking to come to me. My interest is more than aesthetics; my paintings attempt to express emotions that I hope can be felt by the viewer.
Artist Exhibitions


2011 � Graduate Exhibition, OCAD University, Toronto
2011 � Award Exhibition, OCAD University, Toronto
2008 - ASOCIACI�N CULTURAL Valent�n Ruiz Aznar, Granada, Spain
2008 � Arta Gallery, Toronto
2005, 2003, 2001 � Sabz Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2000, 1999, 1998, 1997 � Barg Gallery, Tehran, Iran
1999 � Tajirish Children�s Hospital, Tajirish, Iran
1998, 1997, 1996 � Mirror of Art Festival, Bahman Cultural House, Tehran, Iran
1996 �First Exhibition of the War Victims, Tehran Art Museum
1994 �Youth Group Painting Exhibition, Tehran International Exhibition Center
1994 �First Experimental Painting and Graphic Exhibition, Tehran International Exhibition Center


1995 � Designed and illustrated four primary school textbooks under contract to Ministry of Education, Iran
� My First Writing
� Pre-School Arabic
� Pre-School Mathematics Vol I, Vol II


1993-Present Art Association of Iran

2005-Present Society of Canadian Artists