Lin Ching Che

# Member of the Taiwan International Watercolor Society.
# Member of the Chinese Asia-Pacific Watercolor Association.
# Juror of the Plein Air Competition of Taiwan world watercolor competition exhibition (TWWCE) - 2016
# Juror of the International Art Competition (IWS International Watercolor Society) - 2012
# Gold Prize, The 5th Asia Hwa Yang Award Watercolor Competition - 2012
# Gold Prize, National Art Exhibition, Taiwan, Watercolor Painting Category - 2011
# First Prize, The 16th Da Dun Fine Arts Exhibition, Watercolor Painting Category - 2011
# Da Dun Award and Collection, The 16th Da Dun Fine Arts Exhibition - 2011
# First Prize, The 9th Qun Sheng Cup National Youth Watercolor Sketching Competition - 2003