Понедельник, 08 марта 2021

Hanny Wijaya

Hanny Wijaya
Великобритания, Индонезия, Сингапур

Hanny Wijaya is a Senior Lecturer and the Head of Internationalization and
Partnership at School of Design, BINUS University, Indonesia. She actively involves
in many art and design projects as both academician and professional. Holding an
MA in Museums, Galleries and Contemporary Culture from the University of
Westminster, she works on many projects that intertwined with contemporary art,
design, and culture. Hanny has published books and articles in journals and
proceedings, including ‘Western Art Review’, ‘The Significance of Religious Objects
in Museums as a Cultural Reflection’, and more.
Some of Hanny’s latest projects include Cross-Cultural Workshop: Cultural Insights
and Design Perception (Canberra, Australia), Interdisciplinary Workshop and
Exhibition: Sustainable KIOSK (Collaborative Project, Indonesia and Japan),
Interpretation of Man and Woman (Collaborative Project, Indonesia and China),
THROUGH (Beijing, China), World Landmarks in Chinese Perspective (Wuhan,
China), Interpretation of Man and Woman (Collaborative Project, Indonesia and
China), Design for Water and Sustainable Asia (Asian Collaborative Project,
Shenzhen, China), Neighbour Programme (Collaborative Project, Southeast Asia),
and other interesting global projects.
Hanny had been curating some exhibition both in national and international level,
such as Russian Art Week 2018 (Moscow, Russia), IAIF ‘World of Innocence’
International Exhibition (Wuhan, China), and Plaza Design ‘Prologue’ Exhibition
(Jakarta, Indonesia). She also involved in some art and design projects
independently, such as International Contemporary Art Exhibition: Cities and Their
Thesis (Singapore), Design for Museum Peranakan Indonesia (Indonesia), and some
other site-specific works.