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Danendro Adi

Danendro Adi
Индонезия, Джакарта

Dean School of Design
Bina Nusantara University (BINUS)

UniversitasTrisakti, Indonesia (1993-1998)
Visual Communication Design, Bachelor Degree

Coventry University, UK (1999 – 2000)
Design and Digital Media, Master Degree (Awarded with Merit)

 Editorial Infographic and its Effectiveness to Deliver Information in Weekly News Magazine (2013)
 Looking at the Visual Languageon the Illustration of Soeharto on the Cover of TEMPO Magazine (2014)
 Illustrations on Infographic and Its Effectiveness for Delivering Information in a Visual Language (2015)
 Social Critic Illustrations and the Application of Visual Metaphor Language on Illustration Student Art Works as the Case Study (2015)
 Looking at the Visual Language to Deliver Information about Japan Automotive Industry on Indonesian Published Fictional Japanese Comics (2016)
 Interpretation from the illustrations of Soeharto on the cover of TEMPO, an independent Indonesian weekly news magazine (2017)
 Development of Japanese comic as an illustration and cultural ideology propaganda (2017)
 Looking at the Japanese Automotive Industry through Indonesian Published Manga (2017)

TEMPO (2001-2010)
Interactive Media Designer, Illustrator

Bina Nusantara University (2012-Now)
Faculty Member, Dean

Faber Castell PencilWork Exhibition, Singapore (2012)
Participant, Invited Artist

Intercultural Academic International Forum Exhibition(2016)

United Nation Information Centre (UNIC Indonesia) Poster Competition (2017)
Member of Judges